We are a group of people addicted to Google Sketchup 3D rendering software. Creating components is certainly fun, sometimes hard. When we create something that we think that may be useful for others, we agree to share it. Sharing it with you doesn’t mean you may share it with others!

Although we find Google‘s 3D Warehouse a great “give and take” tool, we think that some specific models in there are really well developed and deserve a different stage and a little more compensation for the great work.

Most of our models are in that “shouldn’t be so much free” category. Building them took us a great ammount of work and time. So, if you want to use them for personal or professional purposes, please contribute with a donation. Values shown on models are the minimum reasonable contribution we ask for sharing them with you.

At this moment we’re studying the best way for delivering our models to you as we still don’t have an online trade tool. Meanwhile, please contact us and we’ll quickly arrange a delivery method that fits on your needs.

Many Thanks!
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SketchUp is a trademark of Google Inc

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